As a student at the University of Nevada, Reno you have several different options to reporting sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and stalking.

Under federal law and university policy the University of Nevada, Reno is required to investigate all reports of sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking that are brought to its attention. The extent of the investigation will depend on the amount of information that is shared about the incident. We believe it is the right of the victim/survivor of interpersonal violence to decide if they wish to report an incident, and how much information they wish to share about the incident.

Most faculty, staff and students are required by university policy to report incidents of interpersonal violence of which they become aware. However, some staff have been designated as “Confidential Resources” meaning that they are not required under university policy or the law to divulge information about interpersonal violence. Students who are uncertain about reporting their assault may find comfort in first meeting with a Confidential Resource, such as the Campus Victim Advocate, to explore all options available to them, and to receive information about campus and community supports.

Find more information about the Campus Victim Advocates on the Confidential/Non-Confidential Resources Chart.

If you are uncertain whether an individual is a Confidential Resource, please ask them.


Office: 775.393.9183

Domestic Violence Resource Center

Office: 775.329.4150

Hotline: 775.329.4150

Fax: 775.785.7550


Office: 775.784.8085

Hotline: 775.784.8090

Fax: 775.784.8083


Office: 775.322.3466

Hotline: 775.322.3466

Fax: 775.313.0883

Nevada Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence (NCEDSV)

Office: 775.828.1115

Fax: 775.828.9911

Nevada Urban Indians Inc.

Office: 775-788-7600

Fax: 775.788.7611

Reno Police Department

Dispatch: 775.334.2121

Detectives: 775.325.8040

Victim Services Unit: 775.657.4519

Sexual Assault Support Services Hotline


Sparks Police Department

Dispatch: 775.353.2231

Detectives: 775.353.2225

Victim Advocate: 775.353.2217 OR 775.353.2267


Office: 775.298.0010

Hotline: 800.736.1060

Fax: 775.298.0011

Tu Casa Latina

Office: 775.432.9929

Washoe County District Attorney’s Office Victim Witness Assistance Center

Office: 775.328.3210

Fax: 775.328.3283

Washoe County Sheriff’s Office

Dispatch: 775.785.4629

Detectives: 775.328.3320

Victim Advocate: 775.325.6454

Washoe County Task Force Resources