At the University of Nevada, Reno

NevadaCARES provides prevention opportunities campus wide and confidential advocacy services to those impacted by sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking.

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The Advocacy Center

Confidential Care Navigators are available to provide support to students who have experienced any form of power-based violence. Care Navigators can assist in the process of working through feelings, identifying needs, and making decisions after a traumatic event.

Care Navigators are required to protect student’s privacy and confidential information, and therefore do not report anything a student says to the university, Title IX or campus police.

You can request an appointment below, or by calling 775-682-8006 or emailing us directly at

If there is an immediate threat to safety

Campus Wide Education

We offer presentations about consent, healthy relationships, and self-care. Request a training below;

Packtivist Student Engagement Program

If you’re looking to connect with a community of students who are passionate about ending power-based violence, and to assist with our outreach and programming, consider becoming a PACKtivist!

Faculty and Staff

Your role as a mentor, teacher, and overall source of hope and inspiration puts you in a unique position to support and influence our students. Help to create a campus culture that actively addresses ending the experience of power-based violence. NevadaCARES, in collaboration with other universities nationwide, has developed resources and services to support your work with students.